Brunch- my favourite meal of the day

Burgoo on Urbanspoon

Overall 4 stars- will return to try their lunch/dinner menu

Food Good presentation, tasty and appropriate portions

Ambiance Cosy, casual

Price ~$15 per person

Yesterday, I finally met up with Theresa (who had returned from Indonesia a couple of weeks back) and Sarah (who has just started her new job) for some good girl talk. There was plenty to catch up on! It also struck Sarah and I that the last time we were both at burgoo was with each other and back in first year. This visit back was wayyy overdue!

We shared some homemade scones to start:

These sour cream scones with currants, orange zest were quite delectable. And you know what’s better than butter?? CINAMMON butter, which came on the side with the scones.

Sarah ordered what I was contemplating to order: Eggs Ratatouille

And I was glad she ordered this so I got to have a taste 😉 This was quite tasty with tons of veggies in a tomato sauce served under cheese toast and scrambled eggs. An interesting combination that works!

Theresa had the croque monsieur:

This I also had a taste of, but I think I prefer croque madames with the runny egg on top (eggs are just so wonderful :)) The one I had at Catch 122 in Gastown was better.

And finally, what I had been craving for forever…. FRENCH TOAST

Burgoo’s Fabulous French Toast is really quite fabulous! It is baked with granola struesel and served with sliced bananas, blueberries, maple syrup and that lovely cinammon butter! Simpler than my favourite apple cinammon french toast from Jethero’s and Orange Del Sol from The Blue Fox Cafe in Victoria, but I still highly recommend it.

Gorgeous day out with my gorgeous girls ❤

Till my next meal xoxo,



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