Surprise surprise

Overall great! Will be back if we’re in the area, but service tends to be a bit slow b/c it’s crowded

Food Quality Chinese

Ambiance it’s bright and clean ; from the outside it’s quite inconspicuous-looking

Price $40~ in total excl tax

Well, this actually happened a few months ago..whilst roaming the Vancouver area for possible living spaces. Eventually, we somehow decided on this hole-in-the wall looking restaurant which was actually quite big and clean on the inside. Shocker!

Congee Noodle House 粥麵館 on Urbanspoon

BBQ Pork/ Duck

This was a late addition to our meal, and it was so good because I felt like I hadn’t had it for a really long time. I probably haven’t because it’s not particularly common around here.Well cutting to the chase, the pork was just LOVELY CRISPY but just a bit on the salty side

Fish Congee

Personally, I like this because it’s quite thick and not too salty! Plus, the peanuts were definitely an added bonus! It goes really well with the salty BBQ pork.

Char Siew

I love this. Hands down, lovely. It’s so tender, a definite yes for me.

Wonton Mee

I’m not a big fan of Wonton mee in general, but the dumpling is great. It’s jam-packed with so many ingredients! Mmm..tasty.

Fried dough in rice wrapping

I think we’ve had better, so we probably wouldn’t order it again if we went back to Congee Noodle house; however, I’m a big fan of the sauce!

xoxo, Isabel!


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