Adesso, the better Italian

Adesso Bistro on Urbanspoon

Overall Will definitely be back especially to try out the patio in the summer!

Food Lovely/ aunthentic Italian

Ambiance Cosy, romantic, good for dates

Price ~$30 per person incl. tax and tip

My friend, Joanne, had purchased a $50 groupon at this place and we decided tonight was the night for some hearty italian fare. I was really hoping for the weather to be nice so we could sit on the patio (surrounded my a garden-like atmosphere which is hard to come by in downtown van) but as usual, the weather gods were not on my side…

The interior however, was warm and cosy-perfect for a first date. And we had an attentive and friendly server that laughed at my lack of italian flair..not surprising. First up was the complimentary focaccia topped with sea salt and herbs. This was warm, soft, fluffy and tasty. I enjoyed it thoroughly especially with the dip of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

We also shared an appetizer: Arancini-  braised beef risotto croquette, peperonata. This was interesting and so filling!

For the mains, I got the Spaghettini di mare: a bunch of seafood in tomato sauce and chilli. It didn’t look like much but it was so tasty! The chilli added a little kick and I liked the skinny noodles. I really wanted to try their gnocchi as well but seeing how it was vegetarian (and I like my meat), I decided  the seafood option was probably better!

The other main we got was Linguine alle vongole: clams, garlic, white wine and herbs. This was pretty tasty as well- light and fragrant- and I am definitely getting it next time!

So tempted by the desserts but we were stuffed at this point… which means I will be back to Adesso, especially for some summer time patio chillin’

PS Thanks Joanne for the wonderful Groupon date… I’ll buy the next one hehe 🙂

xoxo, Sara


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