Cafe (not so much a) Delight

Review Snippet: Cafe D’light

3144 West Broadway. 604-733-8882
Cafe D'Lite on Urbanspoon

Overall Decent food. I’m not sure if I will be back.

Food Decent Singaporean/ Malaysian cuisine

Price $16 per person incl. dessert

Ambience Terrible- cramp and noisy

Today, my parents came to UBC to get me as I had stayed over at VST, the townhouse I stayed in with my friends last term (aka the Bacon Home). Boy, do I miss living there and with my room mates! 😦

We went to lunch at Cafe Delight after hearing much talk about their chicken rice. The food was decent, slightly on the salty side. However, the service was terrible and the ambience, way too cramp and noisy. Firstly we had a good 20 minute (or more) wait and finally we were given this table, far too small for 4 people. And when I wanted to wait for a bigger table, the waitress said rudely, ” Its possible for 4 people to sit there, we’ve done it before.”

The food came relatively fast, but the poor service, cramp ambience, and long line up was certainly not worth a meal at this eatery. Here are some pictures but don’t be fooled because they do look pretty good actually!

Hainanese Chicken Rice

The only dish worth ordering- Chicken was meaty and deboned, rice and chilli were decent but the chilli should have been spicier and less sweet.

Bah Kut Teh

The broth was quite good but my parents said it was too salty. They stinged on the ingredients as well- hardly any Bah Kut (pork ribs).

Seafood Laksa

Looks so good but pictures can be deceiving! The curry broth was not lemak (thick and coconut-y) enough and too salty too.

Chicken Curry

We had to order this dish becuase my dad was still hungry from the lack of meat in the above dishes. Chicken was quite tender and given in generous portions but the curry was also not lemak enough.

Iced Chendol: Coconut milk, red beans, green jelly

Bobo Chacha: Coconut milk, yam, sago (tapioca), sweet potato

All in all,  the food at Cafe Delight is decent but is not really worth returning to. You’d be better off going to Tropika on Cambie or Kurumba in Port Moody.




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